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Deep Medical Device Expertise

Med Dev Global Solutions is a Minnesota Limited Liability consulting company founded in 2003, headquartered in Minneapolis. Med Dev Global solutions advises and creates solutions for medical device companies worldwide from concept to post market. Med Dev have on-boarded very high caliber team members with deep expertise in medical device design, quality assurance, risk management, and regulatory affairs. Since 2003, the Med Dev Global Solutions team has been assisting Medical Device businesses with regulatory compliance, regulatory approvals, quality assurance, scientific & technical analysis.

We offer a wide array of consulting services in Regulatory Affairs and Quality System for the medical device industry in North America, Europe, Canada, United Arab Counties, Japan, China, and Korea.  With offices in each region, MedDev is a comprehensive solution for obtaining regulatory approvals, and establishing compliance in countries that make up ~ 85% of the global medical device market.


Al Saalabi


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